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The World Wide Web contains a wide variety of resources on women in the military as well as information on Deborah Sampson. You can also find interesting information on women in general, biographies of famous women and even the gender gap between men and women.

Deborah Sampson Links

These are web sites that are dedicated to Deborah Sampson and other women who participated in wars.

Revolutionary War Links

There are several different links that will give you any information you might you need. All these sites are great.

Women and the Revolutionary War

Although the call to arms for the Revolutionary War was for men, several women donned the uniform of a Revolutionary soldier and fought against the British. History raves about the heroics of men, but this site is about those women who dedicated their lives for the good of our country.

Woman's Military History

The history of women veterans is a long and interesting one. Women have participated in every American war effort since the pre-revolutionary days. Almost two million women have served in the US Military and thousands more in other nations.   

The Gender Gap

Once upon a time strong, independent women were called witches and burned at the stake. Today, they are called feminists. The gender gap exists everywhere - in our government, in elections and even in our military.


Visit and input a name to see if that person is one of the 25,495 biographies at this web site. This site includes biographies in almost every language and also allows you to suggest biographies to be added. You can also view biographies by an alphabet search.
This web site is dedicated to biographies of famous women.

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